Just launched: Ode Brew Grinder with SSP MP Brew Burrs

From Kickstarter to your countertop

The story behind the award-winning Ode Brew Grinder.

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Elevate your everyday routine

The form and function of home grinders have not changed for decades—the same hopper, same shape, and the same results. Well, until now…

Meet Ode Brew Grinder

Made by coffee lovers, for coffee lovers, Ode is one of those pieces of brewing equipment that elevates your entire process. Leveraging cafe-level performance with sleek design features that make it ideal for your countertop, Ode is truly one-of-a-kind. 

The journey to Ode

Fellow founder Jake Miller launches a Kickstarter campaign with the intention to make a beautifully designed product for brewing ridiculously good coffee, the Duo Coffee Steeper.


After receiving nearly 200k in pre-sales Jake turns the success of his campaign into the Fellow brand. 

Fellow returns to Kickstarter to launch the award-winning Stagg EKG Electric Kettle. 


The doors to the Fellow Store + Playground open in San Francisco’s Mission District.


Stagg EKG Electric Kettle is awarded the world-renowned Red Dot Design Award. 


Fellow returns to Kickstarter with Ode Brew Grinder, a revolutionary step in homebrewing. 


After being backed by nearly 5,000 on Kickstarter, Ode goes into mass production. 


Ask and you shall receive, the much anticipated Matte White version of Ode is launched. 



Ode Brew Grinder with pre-installed premium SSP MP Brew Burrs is launched. 


"When it comes to superior products for making a cup of coffee in the morning, it's hard to beat what Fellow does."

The Kickstarter advantage

The funds we generated from Ode Brew Grinder’s Kickstarter made it possible for us to design a top-notch piece of coffee gear without seeking venture capital. We were not tied to timelines, revenue targets or growth goals imposed by outside parties. Going the Kickstarter route also allowed us to connect directly with the coffee community and get your feedback as we perfected Ode.

Reduced Grind Noise

No more waking up your roommates. From high-quality materials to ditching the noisy gearbox, Ode was designed with quietness in mind.

64 mm Flat Burrs

Professional-grade stainless steel flat burrs reduce grind time and heat generation while increasing grind particle consistency.

Single Dose Loading

Grind what you need right before you brew. We chopped off the space-hogging hopper to limit your beans’ exposure to staleness-inducing oxygen.

Grinds Knocker

Thwap! A high-force spring knocks any extra grinds and chaff into the catch for less mess and low grind retention.

Smart Speed Motor

A smart speed feedback-controlled motor exposes every bean to the same force and speed for consistent grind quality.

Here's what Ode users think...

Jenna G.


THIS is so easy to use, beautiful on the counter, informative for help brewing. Couldn't be more of a fan. 

Dalton R.



Just Get it. You know you want it.

Nancy W. 09/01/21

Game changer

Thank you for making my coffee all it could be. The flat burrs are a game changer.

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Ode Brew Grinder

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